Productivity Speaking Sheila Green


Both Sheila and Philip Green are nationally recognized, sought-after speakers individually and as a team. They search for the counterintuitive in what we all take for routine: productivity, collaboration, executive development. Their talks are interactive, informative and entertaining. They have a brilliant ability to customize each of their talks for their particular audiences.

Sparkling with social intelligence, the Greens demonstrate an amazing ability to connect with their audiences. They present a series of innovative ideas and strategies with a rare combination of fact, humor, insights and practical concepts that audiences can apply immediately to navigate a smarter way to work and live.

Additional Services

GPS provides the following additional services as part of each speaking engagement, at no extra charge:

  • Complete questionnaire and discussion with client to agree upon contents of talk/seminar and material to be covered.
  • Custom designed seminar/talk/workshop based on the client’s requirements.
    Special workbook for client created by GPS, to be reproduced by client for each participant of event.
  • Pre-seminar collateral of GPS describing upcoming talk or seminar for promotional purposes.
  • Post-seminar collateral for participants and non-attendees to reinforce the key ideas.
  • Free ebook sent to client for each attendee.
  • Breakfast, lunch, or dinner with client and GPS speakers*.
  • GPS speakers are available for photos; autographs and personal videos for client*.


Change Management Speaking Philip Green


Change Management Seminar


Because GPS speakers are both adjunct college professors and we also write “how to” curriculum to be practical, we pride ourselves in our signature seminars. Captivating audiences with life stories that will resonate within each listener, our seminars teach lessons that will transcend beyond your organization’s goals and into your team’s personal lives.



Expert facilitation, meaningful topics and creative instruction are hallmarks of the GPS Learning Experience. Workshops are designed to be hands-on, interactive training sessions that promote conversation, collaboration and consultation.

The ability to capture, organize and extract insights in today’s “speed of work” is daunting and at times unrealistic. To help our audiences move quickly to actionable methodologies and behaviorisms, we embed our propriety knowledge in a growing collection of productivity, collaboration and executive development tools, analytics and services, which allows participants at all levels to independently apply fundamental behavior change to make better decisions on a daily basis.

Productivity Workshop

Most Requested Topics

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder
  • Assertiveness Training for Women in Business
  • Long and Winding Road: 5 Leadership Lessons from the Beatles
  • Navigating Speed Bumps and Detours: Proven Strategies to Master Your Workflow
  • Navigating a Smarter Way to Connect in the Digital Age
  • Building and Maintaining a Competitive Advantage
  • Empowering Teams and Individuals

Corporate Client Topics

  • Change/Accountability
  • Communication
  • Customer Experience
  • Leadership
  • Outlook
  • Presentation Skills
  • Teamwork
  • Time Management
  • Creating Highly Productive Cultures
  • Boosting Productivity, Sales and Customer Experience

Professional Development Topics

  • Communication
  • Diversity/Inclusion
  • Life Lessons
  • Personal Development
  • Stress/Overwork
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Accelerating Growth and Innovation
  • Shaping Powerful Communications Strategies