New Employee Orientation Philip Green

Most people think the purpose of new employee orientation is for Human Resources to collect all of the required paperwork it needs and cover mandatory training topics. While this is important, the real purpose of an orientation is to welcome the employee, provide critical information needed to start off his/her new position on good footing, and create a positive first impression that will foster pride in the employee’s daily work for years to come.

Most new employees leave orientation with a better understanding of the attributes of their specific duties. They are taught what to accomplish but not necessarily the methodologies for maximum productivity.

What Sets Us Apart

We compile industry specific and corporate specific productivity standards of usage including Microsoft Office© to incorporate in new employee orientation. This provides the new employees with tactical procedures to minimize the learning curve and maximize productivity. The process of new employee productivity programs solidifies the new employee’s relationship with the organization and their colleagues and guides their steps into a long-term positive and productive relationship with you.

New Employee Orientation 2