Executive Coach Sheila GreenThe business landscape is constantly evolving. Everyone is asked to do “more with less”, yet there are no solutions to make this happen. There has never been a more critical time for individuals to accomplish their highest priorities. Executives must maintain a sense of focus and clarity among key relationships and performance results, while preserving the greatest asset they possess – themselves.

GPS Executive Coaching offers a comprehensive process for developing specific competencies that will have them achieve superior individual and organizational performance. In essence, we help them do more with less. We leverage world-class coaching methodologies and tools to guide individuals toward clearing the mental and physical clutter so they can focus on what matters the most.

Executive Coaching Overview

Just as professional athletes work with a personal coach to refine and improve their game, many executives work with executive coaches to give them, their teams, and their companies, a competitive edge. Executives who utilize the talent and expertise of a GPS Executive Coach reach their goals faster; solve complex problems more effectively; become more open, transparent, and focused on the critical actions that lead to enhanced performance; increase their ability to focus on important goals and the behaviors that strengthen corporate culture; and become better leaders.

Our coaching specialists work with clients over time to help develop workforce skills, drive operational improvement, and apply new working methods. Together the coach and client set goals and work in real time on the challenges and opportunities the leader is facing. This powerful partnership rapidly accelerates the executive’s effectiveness to communicate vision, build consensus and commitment, and deliver bottom line exceptional performance.

Complimentary Consultation

If you would like more information, click here to register for a Complimentary Consultation. This is a preliminary telephone discussion conducted in the convenience of your office or home. During the 45-minute session, we will talk about what you want to accomplish in your company, organization, or event and how GPS can help you achieve and exceed these goals.

Expected Coaching Process

A typical engagement usually last six to twelve months and includes some of the following steps. In cases where the client and decision maker (most often supervisor) are separate individuals, both are involved in the planning process.

  • A pre-engagement conference is conducted between the coach, the client, and the client’s supervisor to determine key issues and agree on objectives.
  • A coaching proposal is created based on information from the conference.
  • Assessment tools may be employed depending on the circumstances, to identify client strengths, management style, personality traits, etc. These can include the Myers-Briggs Type indicator, the 360 Degree Feedback Assessment, Social Style Tool and DISC Profile.
  • Post-assessment results are confidentially reviewed with the coaching client.
  • Goal setting is conducted during the initial coaching meeting. The client, the supervisor, and the coach, agree on the official goals for the coaching.
  • The action/coaching phase includes two to three coaching sessions per month (both in person and over the phone) in pursuit of the agreed upon goals.
  • Real time coaching is accomplished through “just in time” conversations for time-sensitive issues, work shadowing, videotaping and feedback.
  • Books, articles, and other support materials are provided as needed.
  • A summary meeting takes place at the end of the initial engagement where methods and options for sustaining results over time are discussed.