“Sheila Green was selected for her unique qualifications which include the only known company in Northeast Florida that can provide customized efficiency solutions tailored to government and specific job responsibilities. She has intimate working knowledge of all city government, individual departments and employees for the past 10 years, including extensive work with National Homeland Security.”

Steve Diebenow

City of Jacksonville -Chief of Staff

Florida Times Union Quote


“GPS was a clear choice for our division. Sheila was a partner throughout the entire process, from the initial planning stages to the post-program assessments. More importantly, she was a true partner with us, adapting to our culture and our needs in developing and delivering our program. As a result of the success of the initial program, it is still operating today, several years later. I believe in the value of executive education and I can trust GPS to deliver.”

Matt Hutto

U.S. Department of Defense -Assistant Director

Homeland Security


“Thank you again for speaking at Bryant Miller Olive’s corporate retreat. Your observations and recommendations regarding time management were absolutely on target and we thoroughly enjoyed your presentation. As our business grows and we take on new challenges, we need to leverage the strengths of our leaders.

Randy Hanna

Bryant, Miller, Olive Law Firm Principal


“Even though I completed the GPS productivity program years ago, I still continue to gain value today. It is apparent from the customized strategy plan of action, to the attention-to-detail that GPS works hard to create value for individuals and their organizations. I came away with new insights and energy about how to be a more effective and more efficient leader within the City of Jacksonville.

Alan Mosley

City of Jacksonville -Chief Operating Officer

Mayor’s Office of Operations


“The City of Jacksonville reports GPS helped make city officials more efficient including reducing time spent on e-mails by 30% and reducing time looking for information by more than 70%, according to employee surveys.”

Susie Wiles

City of Jacksonville -Director of Communications

Mayor’s Office of Operations