What is the biggest productivity obstacle facing today’s workforce?

I’m torn between so many that I see every day but I will narrow it down to two: so my answer is between poor communication and the distractions.

Poor communication:
It’s an age-old problem but for me, it still reigns supreme. Nothing works without clear communication. Without well-defined two-way communication, employees work in silos with no clear direction, vague goals and little opportunity for improvement. GPS studies show they go through the minimum motions of work, rarely feel empowered and levels of productivity drop dramatically. Critically, the impact of poor communication affects the customers and suppliers as well. Without a unified business relationship, they will feel disenfranchised and take their business elsewhere.


On average office workers are interrupted – or self-interrupted – roughly every three minutes, with numerous distractions coming in both digital and human form. Once thrown off-course, it can take 20-23 minutes for a worker to return to the original task, says a study shared by Microsoft. The modern workday is custom-built to destroy individual focus. A ceaseless tide of meetings, “stop-by’s”, and emails means that workers increasingly scramble to get their “real work” done whenever they can squeeze it in. And the tempting lure of social media streams and status updates make it easy for workers to interrupt themselves.

What are the costs of unproductive employees?

Nearly 29% of company time is unproductive – the equivalent of 33.5 days per employee per year. If the average employees’ salary $45,000 a year, that is $6,282.00 per employee per year. The estimated cost of this lack of productivity tops out at nearly $600 billion per year in the U.S. (2013 Proudfoot Consulting Survey).

What exactly do productivity strategists do?

We guarantee our clients an hour back a day in net productivity improvement. Through our highly customized services we empower individuals and organizations with proven and measurable methodologies that achieve mission-critical objectives in today’s fast paced work environment.

What services do you offer?

We provide a blend of services that contain strategic, tactical, measurable and accountable interaction that ensure sustainable change. Our services include comprehensive assessments, coaching, consulting, training, keynote speaking, and much more. Drawing from our experience over the past three decades, we have found the most effective and efficient techniques to be able to work smarter, not harder.

In today’s work environment, the one thing we can count on is change, what is the one thing you’d recommend people do to prepare themselves for change?

First and foremost- you need a roadmap. Life is full of detours.

What is GPS’ measure of success?

15 years of overwhelming client testimonials and recommendations, we carry the premise that when someone engages with GPS and our methodologies that their life will be changed in a positive way. And if we change someone’s life in a positive way – that is our measure of success.